NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool - Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

NXT UK has officially arrived.

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2019 in wrestling has been off to one hell of a start, with NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool coming hot off the heels of both NJPW's terrific Wrestle Kingdom 13 and all the excitement surrounding the recent AEW announcement.

NXT UK's first ever TakeOver show may not have quite hit the ecstatic high of its best stateside equivalents, but it nevertheless served up an incredible opener and outstanding main event, with three solid bouts sandwiched in-between.

In terms of putting the NXT UK brand on the map and confirming that it's every bit as well-produced as the mainline NXT, the show was an undeniable success, and hopefully the first of many UK TakeOver shows to come.

With 2019 likely to be a pivotal year for the business overall, TakeOver: Blackpool proved just how little wrestling fans really need to rely on WWE's stodgy main brand these days.

As the crowd hilariously chanted during the main event, "Are you watching, Vince McMahon?". According to a tweet from the man himself, he was...


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