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Greatest Royal Rumble Trophy

As if WWE's Greatest Royal Rumble event wasn't already stonkingly ridiculous enough as it is, the company's official Spanish YouTube channel has discreetly let slip the design of a trophy for the winner of the epnoymous 50-man main attraction, and it's just bloody magnificent.

Though the cup shown in the leaked image is clearly a computer-generated mock-up, it already looks head-and-shoulders above the André and Andrea prizes dished out at WrestleMania, which were seemingly bought at a knock-down price from a Toys 'R Us closing sale.

'Subtlety' has no business in WWE's dictionary, and the Rumble award is as on-the-nose as a teenager's pimple. The palm tree on the plinth is straight from the Saudi Arabian emblem, representing the Kingdom's people, heritage, and history. Swords are likewise heraldically intrinsic to the Gulf state, appearing on both the national emblem and the state flag. All in all, it's quite exquisite, but it makes one wonder what the company would have come up with had the event been held in the Isle of Mann.

The other take-away from this reveal is that like the WrestleMania battle royals, it looks like the only reward for winning the Super Rumble is a rather splendid looking ornament. Fit that one on your mantelpiece.

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