Paul Heyman To Give THIS WWE Raw Superstar A Massive Push?

Fan favourite set for mega-push as Heyman takes control of Raw.

Stomping Grounds Ricochet

As reported earlier, it's believed that WWE are currently moving away from the PG era in an attempt at recovering lost teen viewers - and it doesn't sound like this will be the only thing they do to boost their younger viewership.

Per Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, part of the plan involves pushing current WWE United States Champion Ricochet to the moon, with new Raw Executive Director Paul Heyman said to be very high on 'The One and Only.'

Meltzer noted that one of WWE's latest goals is to prevent teenage viewers from going to All Elite Wrestling before Tuesday/Wednesday Night Dynamite starts this October. Ricochet's spectacular in-ring style means he's likely to appeal to that demographic, and his push could be part of a plan that involves other young talents being promoted as well.

It's hard to imagine many WWE fans complaining about this. Though his push wavered early on, Ricochet has become a big cult favourite on Raw thanks, primarily, to the way he wrestles. The guy performs like a video game character. He's unlike anyone else on the main roster at the moment, and it'd be great to see him thrive.

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