Perro Aguayo Jr Dies In The Ring During Match With Rey Mysterio

Tragic accident happened Friday in Tijuana.

According to multiple reports, tragedy struck at a wrestling show in Tijuana, Mexico Friday night during a match featuring former WWE superstar Rey Mysterio. The bout, a tag team match, also featured Perro Aguayo Jr., the real-life son of lucha libre legend Perro Aguayo. According to reports, Aguayo took a kick to the neck by Mysterio and was knocked unconscious, landing on the ring ropes. He was then left hanging from the ropes while the match continued, as wrestlers and other staff (including Konnan) outside the ring attempted to get the wrestler's attention, shaking him. He was taken by stretcher from ringside to the back as the ringside doctor was attending to another injured party back stage. Afterwards, Aguayo was transported to Del Prado hospital, where he died in the early morning hours Saturday. Per the Wrestling Observer, Aguayo, 35, died from cervical spine trauma due to the ropes snapping his neck. There's no question that professional wrestling is a dangerous business, but this incident will likely spark a serious look at safety precautions at indy shows and the actions of the wrestlers who continued the match with a colleague hanging from the ropes. Video of the incident shows one masked wrestler checking on the fallen Aguayo before action resumes. Please note the following video may distress viewers... Eventually, his body is removed from the ropes, but any medical attention continued to be delayed as the match went on, with Mysterio at one point executing a 6-1-9 over the unconscious wrestler. It should be noted that at no point did anyone make contact with Aguayo after he had sustained the injury, and it's certain that they were unaware of its severity. Our deepest sympathies go out to the family of Perro Aguayo Jr.
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