Predicting All 50 Superstars In The 'Greatest WWE Royal Rumble'

50 Is The New 30


WWE were presumably thrilled that their announcement of a gargantuan 50-man Royal Rumble was met with such glee from their global audience. It shouldn't have been a surprise.

People adore Royal Rumbles, and with good reason. Pat Patterson's brainchild has generated so many moments of magic over the last three decades, with even weaker versions attaining infamy and ignominy rather than indifference. With 20 combatants more than the usual clash and 10 more than their previous one-off extension 2011, the company have again upped the ante for their most successful ever gimmick match creation.

Several high profile names have already been announced for what should be a legendary affair (that, though not yet confirmed, will hopefully eventually air on the WWE Network), but the company will presumably be extremely keen to celebrate their new '10-year strategic multiplatform partnership in support of Vision 2030' with the country.

A press release confirmed the match would take place at King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on 27 April. Though official stakes are not in-built as would normally be the case, the reward is already assured by the scale of the match alone. The winner could dine out on outlasting 49 men for an entire career, as Chris Jericho did with his victories over The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin and Seth Rollins hopefully will with his own recent back-to-back pinfalls on Roman Reigns and John Cena.

Filling the match won't be easy, but it'll be fun to speculate exactly how they'll do it...


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