Predicting WWE SummerSlam 2017's Card

What will the other high-profile matches be at the biggest party of the summer?

With RAW and SmackDown concluding their July B shows, all focus in WWE is now on building toward SummerSlam.

Already on both shows, we're seeing the pieces put into place for some heavy-hitting marquee matches. As of right now, we know Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, and Brock Lesnar will compete in a Fatal 4-Way for the Universal Championship. We also know that Bayley will challenge Alexa Bliss, and Natalya will go up against Naomi for the RAW and SmackDown women's title respectively.

But what about the other big matches? WWE still have several weeks to put the rest of the card into place, and this being the internet, that means we have several weeks to run our minds wild with speculation. This article takes a look at WWE's current storyline landscape and makes a few educated guesses as to what will fill out the rest of the card for SummerSlam. Some of them are almost certain to happen, and some will likely be proven laughably wrong in the coming weeks.

But hey, if I end up being proven completely right, I get to say, "I was completely right" for once in my life. What's there to lose?


Yes, yes, I know, Jake Roberts has... that name. Perhaps that's why, despite his resistance, wrestling took over his once-innocent life, and now, he writes for WhatCulture. When not doing that, he's an aspiring actor and broadcaster based in the mountains of North Carolina, and has a bachelors degree in Electronic Media & Broadcasting.