Ranking Every PPV World Championship Steel Cage Match From Worst To Best

Making the most of a cagey situation.


There have been 40 Steel Cage matches on WWE pay-per-view since Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy butted their giant melons together at WrestleMania 2 over 30 years ago.

Of those matches, 23 have been contested for a title of some description, ranging all the way from the Intercontinental Championship to the WCW Tag Team straps.

In amongst all of that, at the tip of the WWE mountain, there have been 15 occasions where a World Championship was on the line inside the cage.

Considering there have been literally thousands of matches in WWE history across more than 400 PPVs, with a World Title on the line in pretty well all of them, the fact that only 15 matches fit the bill doesn’t seem like much.

Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler are about to make that 16 at Stomping Grounds, adding their names to a relatively sparse list in company history.

With so much on the line and a stipulation only brought in (mostly) for the big feuds of the year, wrestlers are expected to step it up when the door closes behind them, taking it up a notch for a chance at history.

Among the aforementioned 15, there have been all-time classics just as there has been shockers.


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