Ranking Every WWE PPV Named After Wrestlers From Worst To Best

Are you ready?

Undertaker Buried Alive

There's something generic about this Sunday's TLC pay-per-view that's hard to stomach.

Sure, the show will feature some big bumps and all the thrills and spills that come with the gimmick, but it's thematically flawed. WWE are shoe-horning in the TLC idea to fit the calendar, not because it's relevant to the feuds at hand. This is a similar problem to other themed events like Hell In A Cell and Extreme Rules.

It hasn't always been that way. Originally, even standard fare such as Backlash was centred around a core concept (an Austin vs. Rock 'Mania XV rematch), and so were other common pay-per-views like No Mercy ('Anything Goes' matches from 1999 involving The Undertaker, Austin and Triple H) and Payback (John Cena's quest to avenge Ryback's heel turn).

Then, there were those named after specific wrestlers. That's the focus here, and so is sorting out which ones are worth revisiting on the Network. Though the subtitling to In Your House specials means they're almost omnipresent, there's a sneaky surprise lurking in there you might not be expecting to see...


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