Ranking Every WWE Survivor Series Main Event From Worst To Best

Giving thanks to Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar and Bret Hart, whilst Triple H brings the turkey...


Considering the spiteful origin story of the Survivor Series, Vince McMahon's lack of loyalty towards the event subversively drew the ire of a fanbase now steeped in its history.

WWE launched the event in direct competition with NWA's Starrcade, cynically needling the pay-per-view providers at the time into taking their show instead with a threat of pulling WrestleMania IV broadcasting rights if they didn't acquiesce. Most did, Starrcade was sunk, and McMahon scored yet another elimination in a Survivor Series-style back-and-forth that went on for another 13 years.

Far from celebrating one of his grittier business moves during the expansion, The Chairman hasn't retained the love for the show his audience has. His threats to cancel the pay-per-view over the years have always been greeted with disdain from an audience that has clung on to the organisation's 'Big Four' as one of the remaining study pillars that prop an ever-changing product up.

Often under-performing at the box office, the November supershow has proffered a number of superlative main events that have been unfairly rubbished by an organisation obsessed with rushing towards the January-April busy spell.

Of course, on some occasions, those matches were best left in the bin...


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