Raven And Bagwell's WWE Lawsuit Dropped

Courtroom saga over.

Raven TNA
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The lawsuit filed against WWE by ex-employees Buff Bagwell and Raven has been dropped, according to a report by the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer.

The duo were involved in a protracted and public legal dispute with the company over wrestlers accruing royalties from their appearances on the WWE Network.

However, lawyers representing both sides are said to have now reached an agreement to end the proceedings.

The development comes after WWE launched its own lawsuit against Raven for purportedly false comments relating to a previous legal matter in which the two parties were involved.

The matter in question - pertaining to performers' status as independent contractors - was ultimately ruled in favour of Vince McMahon's company on the grounds of the statute of limitations.

As part of this latest settlement, Meltzer writes, WWE and its legal team have retained the right to refile their lawsuit if Raven decides to revisit his dispute in the courtroom again.

Now that the saga has been resolved - thus, it seems, closing the door on future royalty payments - it is speculated that more WCW content will be rolled out on the Network.

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