Real Reason Why Bayley Never Wears The WWE SmackDown Women's Championship

Be a shame if she accidentally Lit The Fuse.

Bayley SmackDown Champion

In what might be one of the best examples of an outlandish theory somehow making complete sense when viewed through the prism of WWE's warped logic, some Reddit user thinks they might have unearthed something about Bayley's new attire.

Since making the change from loveable, hugging, perma-face to a knife-wielding bully with a new attitude and haircut to match, Bayley's enjoyed a lengthy reign (by her standards) as the WWE SmackDown Women's Champion. However, as was starting to get noticed by a number of fans, she never seems to actually wear the belt.

Given she didn't have an issue doing so in the past with the Raw Women's Championship, NXT Women's Championship, and the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship, it was... noticeable. Certainly not a story in and of itself, but one that nonetheless got people talking. That was until this past weekend when Reddit user u/HeLL_BrYnger posited the following theory.

Bayley AEW Theory

If this was any other company in the entire world, you'd dismiss that one out of hand, but the very suggestion that someone has caught Bayley on her way through the curtain and issued a swift 'no-no' on wearing the belt makes a lot of sense in WWE land. The company are desperate to pretend the competition still doesn't exist, and will be hoping the increased interest in NXT around Survivor Series will drain more viewers in the Wednesday Night Wars.

Or, as a lot of Men On The Internet have suggested in the replies to the post maybe it's because she "wants to show off that stomach !!! 😍"

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