Reason Rey Mysterio Has Not Officially Signed With WWE Yet Revealed

The 6-1-9 Isn't Signed. Not yet, anyways.

Rey Mysterio

Earlier rumors Rey Mysterio had signed an official contract with WWE appear to be erroneous. While the two sides may be close to a deal, a report by Dave Meltzer notes one has not officially been signed and Mysterio is still scheduled to take part at All In on 1 September 2018 before returning to NJPW for the G1 finals in August.

It was originally believed Mysterio preferred a lighter schedule to WWE's, but the hurdle now seems to be his commitments to promotions he's already booked and advertised for. Mysterio aims to honour those commitments, though WWE is hoping to change his mind.

Apparently, WWE has reservations about Mysterio performing at a show which such a positive buzz. Understandably, the company believes there is value in keeping Rey away from the largest independent wrestling event in history, and while they have no issues with the lucha libre star needing to drop his Heavyweight Championship title for The Crash promotion in Mexico, the All In issues might be a sticking point in negotiations.

Mysterio has been public about his desire to return to WWE but clear that he does not need to return to be happy or successful. He's one of the busiest wrestlers in the world, working for a number of promotions and commanding a high per-appearance fee to do so.

Fans hearing of Rey's contract signing were hoping to see Mysterio make a surprise return at Extreme Rules this weekend. If he is a man of his word — and it sounds like he is — he'll be at the Florida Supercon show this weekend instead.

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