This isn’t news and we have no sources for this story but this is just something we expect to happen given the events of this past week…

On this past week’s edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow, temporary General Manager Vickie Guerrero announced that the WWE Title Money in the Bank pay-per-view ladder match will be for former WWE Champions only. Announced on the show as participants were John Cena, Big Show, Chris Jericho and Kane. That’s only four guys when usually these Money in the Bank ladder matches are for six to eight contestants.

Looking at former WWE Champions, there are two obvious former WWE Champions that could be included in this match to bump up the numbers.

1) Rey Mysterio – Who has now finished his suspension for his WWE Wellness Policy violation and has been cleared to wrestle from his lengthy injury for the past few weeks. He is expected to appear at next week’s RAW and as a former WWE Champion, he could easily be thrusted into the WWE title ladder match which is already low on high-fliers. Although reports earlier suggested Mysterio would not be pushed as he could not be trusted after two violations (a third would see him immediately fired) though more recent updates suggest he will be pushed because of a lack of main event babyfaces on the WWE roster.

2) The Miz – A recent former WWE Champion, The Miz has spent the last month filming The Marine 3 for WWE Studios. He finished filming earlier this month and is expected to return to television in early July. He could easily turn up on Raw next week or the week after to be included into this match. Although The Miz has been downgraded to mid-card status this year (partly blamed for the WWE Survivor Series buy-rate with The Rock underperforming last November) but could easily be re-packaged higher up the card and failing that, could be the guy in the match simply to take the most bumps.

That would make the number six.

To be clear this is not news, something we just expect to happen…

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This article was first posted on June 27, 2012