Rey Mysterio's Potential Return Date Revealed

We could see 'The Master of the 619' back sooner than you think...

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio could return to a WWE ring within a month despite separating his shoulder, according to an interview he gave with Wrestling Inc.

Mysterio suffered a separated left shoulder in a post-match attack from Samoa Joe at last month's 'Money in the Bank' pay-per-view after winning the United States Championship from Joe, and subsequently had to surrender his newly won prize.

Nevertheless, 'The Ultimate Underdog' is confident of a rapid return to the squared circle, saying:-

"Due to the unfortunate aftermath after winning the title, I suffered a separated left shoulder. That has put me on the bench, so I've been doing some PRP and slight rotation movements. I'm trying to see if I could get back in possibly late June or July."

Mysterio also explained why Samoa Joe was handed the US Title as opposed to it being vacated:-

"Once I saw the three-count and that his shoulder was up…like anyone else would say, 'That's not my call. That's the ref's call.' But I like to work on the right side of things. I clearly didn't win that title the way I would have loved to have won it. So the best thing to do is return it, get better, heal up and ask for another title shot."

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