Sable Going Into WWE Hall of Fame Next Year?

WWE likely to induct the first real diva of the attitude era as a fallout from her husband Brock Lesnar’s recent deal with the company.

Matt Holmes


One fallout from Brock Lesnar’s recent one-year deal with the WWE that will culminate in a marquee match at WrestleMania 29 is the speculation that his wife Rena Lesnar (Sable) will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. It is well known that Vince McMahon would ideally like to induct a female into the WWE Hall of Fame each year and Lesnar’s recent deal with the company makes her a very likely candidate for inclusion in 2013. reports that Sable’s possible induction has not been confirmed by anyone yet in the WWE though it is easy to argue her case. In her first run with the company between 1996 and 1999 she actually became one of the major attractions in professional wrestling.

Sable began as a valet to her then husband Marc Mero but became popular in 1998 when she broke away from Mero and effectively became the first incarnation of a real WWE Diva as she was the first to really be pushed wearing skimpy outfits and be involved in titilation angles and matches. In 1999 she was the cover girl in one of the high selling issues of Playboy magazine but when her ego inflated and she thought she could have a bigger career outside of the company she quit in June 1999 and filed a $110 million lawsuit against the WWE, citing allegations of sexual harassment and unlawful working conditions. The WWE and Sable would settle out of court as her star power plummeted outside of the company.

Despite how she left the company in 1999, four years later and with her name (and looks) significantly devalued, WWE re-signed Sable to a WWE contract. Quickly however it became obvious her hiring was for Vince McMahon’s own amusement to humiliate Sable for how she left the company and McMahon put her in any degrading situation he could including a bikini matches, scantily clad food fights and more. After they bled dry any name value she had left (including the promotion from another Playboy cover issue), Sable and the WWE parted ways in 2004 and she has not been seen since. She started dating Lesnar soon after her divorce from Mero and they later married and now have two kids.