Sami Zayn References AEW During WWE RAW's Final Hour

WWE have edited the All Elite Wrestling mention from the YouTube upload.

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn did something nobody expected during last night's Raw.

During a new Electric Chair segment during which fans got the chance to ask WWE Superstars questions, Zayn referenced All Elite Wrestling, prompting host Corey Graves to quickly change the topic as the audience broke into "AEW" chants.

AEW just ran their debut pay-per-view Double Or Nothing this past Saturday night. Still, it was hard to imagine WWE directly referencing another promotion before this show, despite reports that AEW was being referred to as competition backstage.

Zayn's All Elite name drop immediately had fans questioning whether it was scripted or not. A quick skim through the segment's YouTube upload appears to answer that question, with WWE editing it out completely:-

WWE rarely acknowledge other companies on air, with one of the few times occurring when CM Punk cut his Pipe Bomb promo back in 2011.

Whether or not Zayn faces punishment for this small transgression remains to be seen. It was reported on Saturday night that the McMahon family were furious about their talent tweet on Double Or Nothing, and Sami mentioning the company live on Raw takes it a step further. Nonetheless, the YouTube edit is telling.

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