Sasha Banks Likes Tweet Shooting On WWE Raw & SmackDown

Another day, another spicy Sasha social media moment...

Sasha Banks Tweet
WWE/Twitter, @TooSweetmania

Death, taxes, and Sasha Banks going rogue on social media: these are life's three certainties in 2019, and 'The Boss' was back at it again last night.

As pointed out by Reddit user RunThisRing, the MIA WWE star liked the following tweet yesterday:-

Banks hasn't removed the little red heart, either: the tweet is still clearly visible in the "likes" section of her Twitter profile.

Sasha also posted her latest cryptic tease to the platform yesterday afternoon:-

It has now been over two months since we last saw Banks on WWE television. The former NXT Women's Champion was last seen at WrestleMania 35, where she and Bayley dropped the Women's Tag Team Championships to The IIconics, sparking her reported attempt to quit the company that very weekend.

Concrete news on where Sasha's future may lie hasn't been forthcoming, though 'The Boss' stoking the fires of speculation with her increasingly rebellious social media activity. This is almost certainly on purpose. If she wants out, she isn't being quiet about it, though it'd be a huge surprise if WWE actually let someone of her talent go.

Whatever happens, we might as well enjoy Banks' give-no-f*cks Twitter approach while it lasts.

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