Sasha Banks Returns To WWE Raw As A Heel

Natalya and Becky Lynch both fell foul of 'The Boss' last night.

Sasha Banks

'The Boss' is back in WWE - and she ain't playing.

Last night's Raw saw Sasha Banks finally return to television after four months in the wilderness. The moment came during an in-ring promo from Natalya, whose arm was in a sling after suffering a dislocated elbow at SummerSlam. Nattie put her pay-per-view opponent, Becky Lynch, over, congratulating her on her victory, then got emotional, telling the crowd it was the one-year anniversary of her father's passing.

Cue: Sasha's theme.

Banks came out to a big pop and initially supported Nattie, hugging her in the middle of the ring. Then, she tore the band-aid off. A targeted beatdown on Natalya's "injured" arm followed and Banks ripped off her purple wig, revealing newly-coloured blue locks beneath, before Lynch hit the ring for the intended save.

This didn't work out too well for 'The Man,' who was left lying following a steel chair barrage.

So not only did WWE bring Banks back as a heel (something many fans have wanted for a long, long time), but they set her up with potential programmes alongside Natalya and Lynch at the same time.

That's how you book an effective comeback.

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