Scott Dawson Teases WWE Departure?

A bold move for the Revival man.

Scott Dawson

It has been a while since The Revival have shown signs of discontent in WWE. As turbulent as Scott Dawson and Dash WIlder's early 2019 was, the duo have seemingly settled into their groove on Raw, having become two-time Tag Team Champions since attempting to leave the promotion while still wearing their gear earlier in the year.

Now, it looks like Dawson is back at it again.

The 35-year-old tweeted the following in response to a fan's praise of Wilder's DDT spot from this week's Raw:-

He is, of course, referring to Arn Anderson, who left his long-time role as a WWE producer amidst talk of heat with Vince McMahon following an incident regarding an intoxicated Alicia Fox earlier this year. He hasn't yet signed anywhere else, but has claimed he would be "honoured" to receive an offer from AEW, who have secured fellow former WWE staffer Dean Malenko in a backstage role.

The Revival's WWE contracts expire next spring, though WWE extended Wilder's by two months to cover time missing through injury. There have been no new developments re: their situation over the past few months and it'd still be a surprise if they didn't end up walking.

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