Serena Deeb Set For WWE Return?

Former 'Straight Edge Society' member rejoining WWE roster?

Serena Deeb Vanessa Borne

Mae Young Classic competitor and former CM Punk acolyte Serena Deeb looks likely to be heading back to the organisation on a more permanent basis after being spotted at the company's regular medical testing location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. reported that WWE sources confirmed an interest in bringing the 31-year-old back to the organisation, with the Steel City sighting adding weight to the claim.

A popular independent performer thanks to stints in Ohio Valley Wrestling and Shimmer, Deeb made a huge impact on the WWE main roster in 2010 after agreeing to have her head shaved as an initiation into CM Punk's heel 'Straight Edge Society' stable.

Whilst gaining huge exposure in the role (she accompanied Punk to the ring at WrestleMania 26 alongside fellow convert Luke Gallows), 'Serena' only wrestled one televised match during her tenure, and was released by WWE eight months into her tenure for failing to enact the drink/drug-free principles of the persona in public.

Her 2017 Mae Young Classic return came after a lengthy spell rebuilding her in-ring career outside the WWE system. Her impending return would shore up either brand on the main roster or the NXT's current division. Alternatively, Deeb may even find herself entered late into the first ever Women's Royal Rumble on January 28th.

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