Seth Rollins Debuts New Ring Gear On WWE Smackdown

Seth Rollins debuted a new look at the June 17th Smackdown tapings, appearing in tight all black leather trousers and vest. There is also a substantial silver belt to complete the look which is reminiscent of a villainous superhero. The reason for this change in appearance is to differentiate Rollins from the character he portrayed in The Shield. It isn't dramatically different, but it's changed enough that people will notice. After the initial success of the heel turn, Rollins has almost felt a little awkward in the last couple of weeks. He has been coming out to very generic ring music and was continuing in his old Shield clothes. That undermined him somewhat, he didn't feel like his own man. The other issue of confusion over Rollins was his apparent membership in Evolution. The heel turn angle came off as him replacing Batista in the Evolution stable, standing with Triple H and Randy Orton against Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. That wasn't the case. Rollins didn't join Evolution, he is a singles heel, he simply sided with Hunter and Orton on that one night. That's fairly poor booking it has to be said. WWE made it look as if Rollins was part of the stable (he even came out in an Evolution style suit the week after), only for him to be then booked as a singles wrestler. It sends the perception that he wasn't good enough for Evolution's main event class, it is almost as if the stable used him for one night only. It's as if he was just a puppet for Triple H in his feud with Roman Reigns. Regardless, with his new look and astounding wrestling, there's every reason to believe that Seth Rollins can make it big as one of WWE's bad guys.
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