Seth Rollins Slams "Coward" CM Punk After WWE Backstage Appearance

Punk had plenty to say about the former Universal Champion in his Backstage debut.

Seth Rollins CM Punk Coward

CM Punk's surprise appearance on last week's WWE Backstage caught the eye of one Seth Rollins, who immediately took to Twitter and effectively challenged the former 'Voice of the Voiceless' to a match, before doubling down with a second tweet this past Monday night.

Host Renee Young asked Punk about these comments during the 41-year-old's full debut as a Backstage analyst. Claiming that he wasn't there to work an angle, Punk said that to get his edge back, "Seth needs to stop tweeting and realise that sometimes, it's better to be viewed as the fool and shut your mouth, rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Unsurprisingly, Rollins was quick to respond:-

So is this an angle, or is Rollins merely attempting to attract attention and drum up interest? Given the unfiltered nature of Punk's Backstage appearance, it's almost certainly the latter, though nothing can ever be ruled out in professional wrestling. These guys are always working, regardless of whether their contract is with WWE or FOX.

Survivor Series 2019 goes down in Chicago, Illinois this weekend. It'd be a surprise if Rollins wasn't taunted with "CM Punk" chants in Phil Brooks' hometown.

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