Seth Rollins & Will Ospreay Involved In Heated Twitter Feud

Rollins vs. Ospreay is getting silly... and personal, but mostly silly.

Seth Rollins Will Ospreay

Just 48 hours removed from making a colossal cheb out of himself by insisting that WWE has the "best wrestling on the planet" before farting out Stomping Grounds' shoddy main event, Seth Rollins finds himself embroiled in a Twitter spat with NJPW standout Will Ospreay.

It began with Ospreay responding "I'm alive" to Rollins doubling down on his initial claim. WWE's 'Beast Slayer' then came through with this:-

A Ricky Gervais gif followed, before the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion came through with a simple fact, bringing out Rollins at his absolute pettiest:-

Finally, Ospreay decided to take the high ground (while still jabbing the Universal Champion):-

The exchange's final tweet up to this point was the 'Aerial Assassin' calling Rollins a "super talented guy" who "deserves your support" when responding to a fan claiming they'd attend a New Japan show in a Seth shirt.

Rollins' bullishness is likely a response to the widespread criticism WWE has come in for in 2019, while NJPW and AEW continue to enjoy mass acclaim. That being said, even his staunchest defenders must admit his 'Best in the World' case is thin this year, while Ospreay, who is in the form of his life, is on a career-best run.

To what end are they bickering, thought? They can't exactly wrestle each other.

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