Shane McMahon’s 10 Most Ridiculous Ego Trips

Wonder Boy

How is it that it took four years for people to turn on second generation fraud Bray Wyatt getting away with murder in undeserved spots, but Shane McMahon remains at large nearly twenty years on from his first main roster appearance, hearing cheers in every city he makes a point of delivering a cringeworthy shout out to?

Even Jim Cornette is a fan. Having shared the Sunday Night Heat commentary desk in 1998 with 'Shane O Mac' as well as working extensively with him behind the scenes during their shared spell in Vince's inner circle, the notoriously caustic 'Louisville Lip' noted that he "liked Shane more than most of them. Shane's a good guy, and what an athlete he was." Coming from the man who compared Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi to Hitler, this was high praise indeed.

Try, if you can, to look beyond the broad brush strokes painted by the 'Boy Wonder' in his promos, matches and segments though. Shane McMahon is a wolf in sheep's clothing, more dastardly than his dad and more cynical than his sister. The lesser-maligned McMahon is the same spoilt rich kid as his sibling, but instead of the wealth and power manifesting as a television character, he's smiling as he lines his pockets with the oh-so-important 'Money'. The word is literally screamed at you as he skips to the ring.

It's Shane's world, we all just get to shuffle around in it. But our feet won't move as quickly as his, obviously.


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