Shane Strickland & Garza Jr. Set To Sign With WWE

Two significant indie stars are coming to the Performance Center.

Shane Strickland Garza Jr

Independent wrestlers Shane Strickland and Garza Jr. are finally on their way to the WWE Performance Center, according to the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer.

Both are expected to start with their new employers next month, with each the subject of a long, drawn-out hiring process.

Best known for his work in the Mexican indies (or, to American fans, Impact Wrestling), Garza Jr. was originally supposed to sign in 2018, but had his contract offer pulled when WWE medicals revealed major shoulder issues. His imminent signing would suggest that these injury problems are now behind him, and recently told fans of The Crash promotion that his 23 March appearance there would be his last.

Strickland, meanwhile, was heavily linked with WWE throughout late 2018, though he has remained active on the independent circuit. He has since wrestled a farewell appearance for his hometown promotion (DEFY Wrestling) in Seattle.

As the bigger name of the two, Strickland is best known for his work with the WWE-affiliated WWN group, and his role as Lucha Underground's Killshot. He, like Garza, is a fast, fluid, and exciting high-flyer, and recently fulfilled his final contractual obligations with Major League Wrestling.

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