Starrcade Set To Return Under WWE Banner

It's not as exciting as it sounds.

.@WWE LIVE STARRCADE is back on 11/25 for the first time in two decades with double steel cage match main events! Check out the lineup below

— Greensboro Coliseum (@Gbocoliseum) 18 September 2017

One of the most historic names in wrestling is set to make a grand return this November, as it has emerged WWE are set to revive the heralded Starrcade brand for an event over Thanksgiving weekend. Don't get too excited though: it's just a SmackDown house show.

North Carolina's Greensboro Coliseum let the news slip today, revealing WWE Starrcade as the name for an event due to take place on 25 November. Alongside the title, the venue also posted a working card pitting Jinder Mahal against Shinsuke Nakamura in a cage match, as well as advertising appearances from Ricky Steamboat, the Rock 'n' Roll Express, and the Hardy Boyz.

At present, it isn't known whether this Starrcade resurrection will air on the WWE Network, or remain exclusive to live punters. The show takes place three weeks before the SmackDown Clash of Champions PPV, meaning it'd sit uncomfortably in the broadcasting schedule as the company attempts to build towards the latter event.

The Greensboro Coliseum hosted the first four Starrcades in some capacity, with the first edition famously seeing Harley Race pass the torch to Ric Flair. We reported earlier that WWE were investigating bringing back old WCW properties, so there may be more to come with other live specials in the near future.

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Editorial Team

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