Stephanie McMahon: "We're Successful For One Reason Only - We Listened To Our Audience"

Yeah ok.

It Is Not Stephanie McMahon

On Wednesday, Stephanie McMahon featured alongside representatives from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and many other major sport brands for the 2018 SBJ Game Changers Conference in NYC. While the event is great exposure for WWE, many people in the wrestling community were only talking about one specific quote she said at the event;

It's about doing, not just talking. You have to listen to your audience. Their voice matters. We're successful for one reason only: we listened to our audience.

While Steph may have been referring to their investors and not specifically the WWE's audience, her wording definitely leads you to the opposite conclusion. If that's true and Stephanie McMahon honestly believes that WWE does indeed listen to their fans, that'd be a horrifying reality. If this is them actually listening to us, what in the hell is them doing what they want to do?

The much more likely scenario is that Steph probably knows the investors aren't fans themselves and decided to stretch the truth. With that much stretching, we're a bit surprised the truth didn't snap in half 16 times over.

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