Sting Talks WWE & Whether He Will Face The Undertaker

TNA star and wrestling legend Steve ‘Sting’ Borden sat down with The Phoenix New Times recently to promote the upcoming…

Matt Aspin


TNA star and wrestling legend Steve ‘Sting’ Borden sat down with The Phoenix New Times recently to promote the upcoming Bound For Glory PPV, as well as answer a few other questions and gave some surprising responses.

When quizzed about his involvement in the ongoing Aces & Eights angle, Sting seemed less than impressed. Sting, who has seen many different factions come and go – including the New World Order in all its forms – was anything but enthusiastic. When asked to discuss his ‘kidnapping’ on TNA television he joked:

“Yeah…I do have a lot to say about that but, you know, I just need to play it safe for right now. I can say that we were real close to needing S.A.G. cards, you know? (laughs) We need to be with the guild here if we keep going like this.”

Sting also seemed unsold on the angle’s big payoff. When asked if the stand will be pleased with the end result Sting replied:

 “That is always a concern and I’ve been on both sides of the fence when there’s been a big build-up happening and there was not a payoff and there’s nothing worse, believe me. But, man, when the payoff is there and delivery is made, it’s awesome. Only time will tell. My hands have not really been around this one like in the past because it’s not about me. I just want to try to make it as good as I possibly can.”

He then quickly reminded the reporter that he has zero involvement in the overall creative process.

Talk then turned to who Sting would like to work with in either WWE or TNA. He noted that his last remaining goal is to work a programme with The Undertaker, a man he hasn’t  spoken to in 2 decades, but believes that particular ship has sailed now.

Sting then went on to agree that his time in the ring is now limited and that retirement is a legitimate option despite everything he still wants to accomplish.

“That question comes (up) about once a year and its a legitimate question. Every year I think, ‘How long am I going to do this?’ And it’s one of those play it by ear and see what happens kind of things.”

TNA Bound For Glory is LIVE this week.