The Bella Twins Fired By Eve Torres in WWE Exclusive

The storyline of The Bella Twins being fired from the WWE is their actual reason for leaving the company as their contracts are up. posted an article after Monday Night RAW revealing that The Bella Twins had been fired from the company. In a " exclusive" video that accompanied it on Youtube, the Executive Administrator to John Laurinaitis, Eve Torres, fired the twins due to the "bad economy" as their contracts were up. She gave her the "Best of luck with your future endeavors" speech as the pair responded with "Good luck in finding twins like us!". You can watch the video, hammy acting an all, below; The storyline of The Bella Twins being fired from the WWE is their reason for leaving the company. The twins contracts are actually expiring and they have declined offers to extend as they want to pursue other interests outside of wrestling. This is why the WWE Divas Title was taken from Nikki Bella and given to Layla at WWE Extreme Rules and why the pair jobbed out for her last night. Their triple threat WWE Divas Title match against Layla last night was their last with the company.
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