The Champ Isn’t Here: 10 Best Wrestlers Who Never Won WWE Title

The WWE (formerly WWF) World Heavyweight Title is without a doubt the most prestigious championship in pro wrestling history. Many…

Todd Martin


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The WWE (formerly WWF) World Heavyweight Title is without a doubt the most prestigious championship in pro wrestling history. Many great wrestlers have had the privilege of holding this belt over the years including Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Edge, and many more. Unfortunately there are a lot of other equally talented (and some that were actually even more talented) wresters that never got the opportunity to hoist this belt high in the air in victory during their careers for a number of reasons.

Many of these guys busted their butts in the ring on a daily basis but sadly enough never had any sort of world title reign as a result of their hard work. A number of guys were never crowned with the title because they wrestled for the company during the age of Hulkamania and Vince McMahon simply refused to take the championship away from his golden goose (which is now an orange goblin if you ask many fans) Hulk Hogan. Some didn’t win it for other reasons. Who are these wrestlers who should have won the WWF/WWE World Title? Just read on to find out…


10. Mike Rotunda

In my opinion Rotunda was one of the most misused guys in the history of wrestling. He was a scary talented person who had a ton of potential but for some reason no one in NWA/WCW or WWF/WWE seemed to realize it. He languished on the midcard during his time in NWA/WCW as a member of the Varsity Club (and later as the horrible personas of Captain Mike Rotunda and Michael Wallstreet) for years and other than winning the tag team and TV title he really didn’t do anything else worth mentioning. I was excited when I heard he was returning to the WWF (he had been part of its roster in the mid ‘80’s and had won the tag team title with Barry Windham) and assumed that he would get a run with the World Title until I saw the ridiculous gimmick that he had been saddled with-Irwin R. Schyster (IRS ha ha, get it?) the evil tax guy (who wrestled in dress clothes complete with a tie and suspenders).



He never really did anything that important until he teamed up with Ted DiBiase and won the tag team titles again as Money Inc, but he could have done so much more. His talents were wasted and I personally think that he would have made an awesome WWF/WWE World Champion had he been allowed to have just been himself without a stupid gimmick.