The Disturbing Truth About The (Latest) Death Of The WWE Tag Team Titles

This isn't a Revival...

Raw The Revival

Zack Ryder had just called The Usos the "best tag team" in the entire company with the Raw Tag Team Title slung over his f*cking shoulder. Another damning indictment of a self-sabotaging creative process, it was little surprise he said goodbye to his prized possession after a promo like that.

In truth, it was a wonder Zack Ryder's big line hadn't been given to Ron Killings instead.

R-Truth's fabulous portrayal of his own insane persona over the last few years has ensured his place on television (and, currently shop steward of the broadly entertaining 24/7 Title) in spite of character choices that would have him fired from the organisation if it were an actual sporting institution. WWE, in its defence, doesn't profess to be that anymore, but Truth's recent escape artist schtick jives with his brilliant subversion of the company's broken narrative last year. Back then, he was babyfacing Carmella by explaining how to backdoor into main events because the writing was stupid enough to let it happen. Only by becoming a complete ignoramus could he become the smartest guy in a pigsh*t writers room.

It was perhaps the most ridiculous and realistic assessment of the current creative process, yet obviously had to be by accident. A group of talented folk trying their hardest wouldn't intentionally bury themselves in such a manner, but the filtering process between the "home" crew on a Friday and "road" team the following week yet again twisted the source material to yet another indefinable end.

The same applied to the June 10 Monday Night Raw Tag Team Title switch. Despite how it may have looked at the end of a clandestine triple threat clash on the flagship, rank idiocy reigned, not The Revival.


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