The Real Reason Buddy Murphy 'Attacked' Roman Reigns

Where did the former Cruiserweight Champion's sudden ascension come from?

Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy has enjoyed increased screentime on WWE SmackDown recently, having become a significant part of the Roman Reigns whodunit saga.

WWE’s ‘Best Kept Secret’ was photographed walking away from the scene of the crime as Reigns was buried beneath tumbling scaffolding. One week later, Roman coerced Murphy into telling him he saw Rowan lurking around that night. This led to the former Bludgeon Brother attacking Buddy during a SummerSlam match with Apollo Crews, before Murphy faced Reigns in a firecracker TV bout two nights later, after which Rowan and Daniel Bryan beat him into admitting he had lied to ‘The Big Dog.’

A sudden ascension for the Australian after months of inactivity - and it sounds like it was unplanned.

This is according to Bryan Alvarez, who, on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Live, claimed that WWE hadn’t originally intended to include Murphy in the storyline and only did so when eagle-eyed fans noticed him in the forklift video.

If true, the former Cruiserweight Champion has benefitted from a happy accident. Here’s hoping WWE roll with it, though: the Reigns match reminded that world that Murphy is a sublime in-ring talent when given an opportunity and he has sat on the sidelines for way too long.

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