The REAL Reason WWE Have Cancelled The Evolution PPV

Don't expect another all-women pay-per-view in 2019.

Ronda Rousey

Evolution 2018 may have been one of WWE's most critically acclaimed pay-per-views of the year, but the company haven't included it as part of their 2019 show calendar, and Stephanie McMahon refused to comment on whether or not they'd hold a sequel as part of a recent interview with The Atlantic.

There almost certainly won't be another, at least this year. Why? Because of Ronda Rousey's uncertain future.

Per Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE don't want to commit to another all-women PPV while their current Raw Women's Champion's wrestling future is up in the air.

This makes a lot of sense. Evolution wasn't a huge business success, with ticket sales only really picking up when Rousey's bout with Nikki Bella was announced, and Ronda is comfortably WWE's biggest cross-cultural mainstream star. She isn't always a TV draw, but she did draw numbers for Evolution 2018.

Rousey is expected to embark on a hiatus from wrestling after WrestleMania 35. It isn't currently clear when she'll return, though she has never been quiet about her desire to start a family. She is expected to drop the Raw Women's Title on 7 April.

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