The REAL Reason WWE Won’t Pay Wrestlers Healthcare

Death, Taxes & Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon


There it is. There's the answer to the question posed in the title of this particular deep dive, just to allay the fears of those in the comments section daring to suggest that these articles don't address the points succinctly enough. Any guesses why pieces such as this try and examine the steak as well as the sizzle in some of WWE's juicier stories?


It presumably doesn't pull the curtain back too far for most people reading this, but the idea of an article of this nature is to provide insight and information on a particular subject that draws enough attention from readers that they'll be willing to click through three or four pages to see it all through. Money is the driver for this, but it shouldn't ever really hold the wheel.

The end product is supposed to be strong - worthy of the income it generates, and earnest in its earnings. The same applies to just about any form of contemporary content - if one of the superb hosts on an excellent Whatculturedotcom video cynically cut to the chase in the first 10 seconds, then the choice made with the viewer's click hasn't really been rewarded.

Vince McMahon - dripping in wealth untold in recent years - hasn't exactly used his McDuckian rivers of cash to extend his peerless promotional nous over to the creative end of the industry. He didn't dial back the monied Network minutes to save 82,000 people the worry of sleeping under the stars outside MetLife Stadium after the buses and trains knocked off before Becky Lynch. He didn't even buy that much pyro for the 'Show Of Shows', instead blowing his limited load on Roman Reigns' grand return.

Billionaire who should be a trillionaire Vince McMahon tragically won't pay his wrestlers healthcare because of money, but when it's spilling out of every filing cabinet in Titan Towers, what's the real reason for that?



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