The Rock Says He Will Team With John Cena For WWE Survivor Series Match

The Great One confirms he will join forces with Cena for his first wrestling match in seven and a half years at November’s WWE Survivor Series PPV.

Matt Holmes


People’s eyebrows were raised worldwide recently when The Rock was being heavily advertised as ‘returning to the ring’ at this year’s WWE Survivor Series on November 20th at Madison Square Garden but now the self proclaimed ‘Great One’ has confirmed the story on his facebook page and it’s definitely happening. In what will be his first wrestling match in over seven and half years, The Rock revealed he will be teaming with his long-set Wrestlemania 28 opponent John Cena for a match, but there’s no word on whether it’ll be a normal tag team bout or a more traditional 8 man Survivor Series elimination match.

Right now the WWE facebook page has an ad with The Rock and Cena featured with the tagline; “The Rock and John Cena Join Forces Never Before and Never Again.”

The Rock’s last match in a WWE ring was Wrestlemania XX back in March 2004 (also at Madison Square Garden) where he teamed with Mick Foley to revive the “Rock and Sock Connection” in a match against Evolution, comprising of Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista.

As has been debated by many wrestling fans over the last few weeks since The Rock/Survivor Series ads started making the rounds… is it wise for the WWE to push through The Rock’s return early with Wrestlemania still months and months away, especially with him actually wrestling a match which could potentially remove a huge part of the intrigue of his Wrestlemania comeback away, or will the pull of a ‘dream match’ between Cena/Rock be anticipated enough not to hurt the buyrate, even if The Rock has done a series of matches in the build up?

Whatever the case, Survivor Series PPV will get a huge boost because of The Rock’s return and his probable t.v. appearances will give a much needed boost to the Raw ratings which hit a depressing low last Monday as the American football season began.