The Young Bucks Give HUGE Update On PAC's AEW Status

Will 'The Bastard' ever land in All Elite Wrestling?

PAC Dragon Gate
Dragon Gate

British standout PAC is yet to feature for All Elite Wrestling despite appearing at the promotion's first press conference in January.

Originally booked to face Hangman Page at Double Or Nothing, PAC was pulled from the lineup amidst talk of "creative differences" and visa issues. He was then removed from Fyter Fest's six-man tag in which he would've teamed with the Lucha Brothers to face The Elite, and there's still no sign of him in the nascent promotion, though he continues to rule the roost as Dragon Gate's Open the Dream Gate Champion.

Now, it looks like PAC may finally be on his way to AEW - and soon.

AEW Executive Vice Presidents The Young Bucks spoke on the matter in a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, with Matt Jackson claiming "he's coming, eventually," and that they're "pretty much at 99%," adding that "it's a priority for us and I think we're gonna make this thing work."

PAC's Open the Dream Gate Championship was reported as a major hang-up in negotiations, as 'The Bastard' apparently didn't want to lose elsewhere while holding DG's top prize. Expect the rumour mill to hit overdrive if he drops that strap to DG ace-in-waiting Ben-K at Kobe Pro-Wrestling Festival on 21 July.

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