TNA Bound For Glory 2016: Ranking Every Match From Worst To Best

What an anti-climax.

What a crazy week it's been for TNA fans. With massive uncertainty in the days before Bound for Glory if the company's flagship PPV would even go ahead, not to mention the impending sale of TNA to a currently undisclosed buyer (who oddly wasn't revealed at the show), there was an air of strange intrigue surrounding the event.

With so many more eyes on the product than normal, this was TNA's golden opportunity to deliver a showcase of the very best they have to offer...and that's sadly not what fans got.

"Aggressively mediocre" is probably the best descriptor for the majority of the PPV's fights, save for just one truly memorable match, and with the company's future still hanging in the balance, they really needed to come up with something stronger and more consistent than this.

Above all else, the way the show was booked and the general production exemplified so many of the problems TNA has had for many years, while the night's best match was further proof of who the brand's biggest assets really are.

Here is every TNA Bound for Glory 2016 match ranked from worst to best...


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