TNA Destination X PPV Predictions and Preview

We look once more into our crystal ball and give you our thoughts on TNA Destination X 2012.

Matt Aspin


The X Division was once the best thing on television. These days it’s a watered down shell of it’s former self. Things were on the up with Austin Aries as champion which has ultimately led to him fighting for the World Heavyweight title in a PPV main event. Can you believe it? We can’t! Not from the company that pushed an enfeebled Jeff Hardy over AJ Styles.

So without further ado we look once more into our crystal ball and give you our thoughts on TNA Destination X 2012.

Dakota Darsow Vs Rubix Vs Lars Only Vs Mason Andrews – Last Chance 4 Way

Kudos to TNA for bringing in some exciting talents for this tournament and not just throwing Robbie E into the mix because they don’t have a decent X Division roster anymore, but surely there could have been a few better choices than the ones they have in this Last Chance 4 Way Dance? We’d like to have seen Sonny Siaki make a one time return for old times sake, or maybe Jack Evans. What about Amazing Red or Jerry Lynn? The tournament could have been bigger and longer and maybe more of it could have taken place on the PPV to really make the event about the X Division? It really doesn’t matter who wins here as none of the 4 wrestlers involved will win the belt. For arguments sake let’s go with the son of the Repo Man, Dakota Darsow.

TNA X Division Title Tournament – Douglas Williams Vs Zema Ion Vs Kid Kash Vs Sonjay Dutt Vs Rashad Cameron Vs Flip Cassanova Vs Kenny King Vs ?

So the winner of the last chance Four Way Dance will be entered into the X Division tournament with the four winners entering into an Ultimate X match to crown a new champion. Given the way things have been presented so far we’d predict a victory for ex TNA mainstay Sonjay Dutt – however with the recent hiring of Kenny King despite him being a tag champion in Ring of Honor may be enough for creative to realise the potential of giving King the strap. Ring of Honor and TNA have had a love hate relationship in the past and this will only serve to sour things between them further but ultimately this is the same kind of shenanigans we saw week in and week out during the Monday Night Wars and crowning a ROH employee as the X division champion would be TNA’s chance to make an impact. Pun intended.

Christopher Daniels Vs AJ Styles – Last Man Standing Match

How many times have these two men gone at it in TNA? As fans we love to see them mix it up because when they bring their A-Game they’re a great act to watch, but TNA needs to realise these guys are not CM Punk and Daniel Bryan and they aren’t capable of reinventing the same match over and over anymore. This is a Last Man Standing match which is generally a blow off to a feud so expect AJ to be the winner and hopefully put this weird storyline behind him.

Kurt Angle Vs Samoa Joe – Bound For Glory Series

If there’s one thing TNA has done correctly over the years it’s putting on a helluva show when Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe are in the ring together. Every match they’ve had has been an absolute classic, and with the recent renewed push for big Joe we should be expecting more of the same from these two gladiators. What does Angle have to gain from a victory here? He’s not winning the series – it’s almost a given that that slot is waiting for Cowboy James Storm – and Joe really needs a sustained run to avoid once again being relegated to the opening matches. Therefore we predict a victory for Samoa Joe, especially as this is Destination X and he was the face of the X Division for years.

Bobby Roode Vs Austin Aries – World Heavyweight Title Match

We don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t like to see Austin Aries carry the World Heavyweight Championship. He’s the total package when you think about it. He can wrestle, he’s got a great look and he can talk on a microphone. Sadly the BFG Series is blatantly setting up a James Storm comeback so it makes sense to keep the title on Roode until then. Therefore What Culture! predicts a flawed victory by the champion – keeping Aries strong and hopefully at main event level.