TNA Introduces New Grand Championship Belt (Photo)

MMA like fights are headed to Impact.

Billy Corgan Tna Grand Championship

With Billy Corgan as the new president of TNA, it looks like the company didn't take long to start making some interesting changes.

At Saturday night's TV tapings, a new title was introduced; The Grand Championship.

This belt will be defended under MMA-like rules with rounds being implemented, as well as judges having final say on the winner if the fight goes the distance.

The Grand Championship is a slick looking belt, and a big improvement over the King of the Mountain Title, which is being retired. This could be a great move for the company to help differentiate themselves from the competition, or could end up being a bit silly and out of place.

Even if The Grand Championship doesn't play out like management is hoping, it should easily be an improvement over the KOTM title. It was never clearly defined what that belt meant, and it was rarely defended in King of the Mountain matches, so it seemed a bit pointless. Before that, it was the Global Championship, The TV Championship and the Legends Title, all of which also never got over.

It's beyond time that TNA got rid of that cursed belt and try something new. Still, we'll have to see how the matches play-out in the Grand Championship to get a good feel of whether this is the right direction for the company to be heading in.

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