TNA: Who’s Behind The Aces And Eights?

Who has masterminded wrestling’s latest gang warfare?

Matt Aspin


Degeneration X, New World Order, Right To Censor the history of professional wrestling is littered with factions who have attempted in some small way to seize control of the company they are employed by, by any means necessary, and with varying results. The latest gang to make it’s way onto national television are the Aces and Eights group, a gang of masked men in biker gear that exist only to make the lives of the TNA locker room miserable.

But the questions on everybody’s lips remain Where have they come from? Who has sent them? And weren’t these guys the Disciples of Apocalypse in late ’90s WWF/E?

Below is our list of the most likely suspects.


1. ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett

The Chosen One has been off television or months now, and it’s no secret that in real life he’s doing his best to get his hands back on as much of the company he and his Dad created as he can. In the meantime why not turn some of his real life gripes into a wrestling angle – because heaven knows the best storylines are grounded in reality.

Here’s how we’d see it panning out: Sick of ‘his’ company being run by everyone except him, Jarrett has hired a bunch of guys to help him regain control. On camera Jeff is adamant he’s come back to TNA to help Hulk Hogan and Sting battle Aces and Eights but in reality he’s the one pulling the strings, biding his time and waiting to seize back the reigns of control. Jeff can still wrestle so he could feature in matches on occasion while the guys below him do all the real hard work and hopefully get over, creating mor new talent to help the company grow and grow.

Likelihood: High.