TNA: Why More UK Wrestling Fans Should Watch

TNA is in the midst of a wave of UK success. It’s Maximum Impact Tour is here, they’re filming their…

David Pustansky



TNA is in the midst of a wave of UK success. It’s Maximum Impact Tour is here, they’re filming their TV tapings for the second consecutive year, and their UK exclusive show ‘TNA British Boot Camp’ has just wrapped up, managing to earn the company a brief stay at the top of Twitter’s ever changing top trending topics in Britain. TNA have already announced their dates for next year’s return to British shores. British wrestling fans love TNA, and it’s clear that TNA loves Britain. Like any relationship though, the love needs to grow and develop to go to the next level. The more the UK audience invest their time into TNA, the more time TNA will invest is to its UK install base, and the love will blossom.

Hulk Hogan has said in a number of interviews, including recently on ITV’s This Morning that the UK have the greatest fans in the world. Whilst this comment has all the traits of transparent pandering to his current audience, it does hold an element of truth. It is the UK that TNA held its first TV tapings outside of the United States. Not even US border countries like Canada or Mexico have had tapings there. So what makes here so special? Surely with the aforementioned countries great histories of professional wrestling they would be better candidates for the honour of first foreign tapings. And therein lies the answer. Those countries don’t need TNA as much as the UK does. Despite numerous attempts to revive a British Wrestling scene, we have been unable to make it happen in any meaningful way since the 1980s.

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It’s funny really that American Wrestling companies spend as much time as they do worrying about viewing figures and ticket sales in the US. They are after all supposed to be worldwide companies with World champions. If TNA want to have large visible crowds on their TV shows, the only place they’ve managed to do that is when they taped Impact here last year. Now it’s obvious that TNA shouldn’t uproot and move to Blighty permanently, but a second annual visit in the autumn and maybe a PPV out of the UK would be the perfect way to capitalise on the hot UK crowd. It would also mean that when viewers in the US tune in to see Impact their eyes are met with a product that has a larger crowd who are hotter for the action.