The Undertaker's 10 Worst Magic Tricks In WWE

The wackiest uses of The Phenom's superpowers.

A large part of The Undertaker's success has come from the way his character resonates with the fans. If you're going to have an undead cowboy become a moneymaking gimmick, you've got to commit to it, and not only has Mark Calaway done that over the years, but so have the WWE writers and bookers responsible for guiding his career. As such, Undertaker has always been shown as more than just an indestructible force €“ he's also a master at using arcane power to get into his opponents' heads. These magic tricks €“ or "mind games," as WWE refers to them €“ have taken on a variety of forms over the past two decades-plus €“ sometimes there's fire, sometimes the light go out, and sometimes Undertaker seems to come back from the dead itself. No matter how they're done, however, they add to The Undertaker's aura of mystery and the macabre. Still, as much as Vince McMahon wishes it wasn't the case, WWE isn't seen the same way that a movie or TV show is €“ most fans still think of it as something akin to a sport, at least in their attitudes while they're watching. Do disappearances and reappearances, magic caskets, and cartoon lightning always hit their mark in such a world, or do they sometimes have the opposite effect, reminding fans of just how fake what they're watching is? Here are 10 magic tricks from The Undertaker that may not have had their intended effect. What do you think?


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