Vampiro Announces Battle With Alzheimer’s Disease

The former WCW star and current AAA staffer vows it's a 'fight he can win'...

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Ex-WCW star, Lucha Underground announcer and current Director Of Talent for AAA Vampiro has announced on social media that he's battling Alzheimer’s disease.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, the 51-year old Canadian revealed that doctors diagnosed him on Thursday and thanked family, friends and fans for any support. Then, in a remarkable show of determination, Vampiro said he's "not worried about anything", before admitting his only concern is that the disease might develop into Parkinson's.

That, according to Vamp, is worrying " because it might f*ck up my PlayStation time". How's that for spirit?

There's also a video on his Facebook page hammering home the gratitude for fan well-wishes, but Vampiro says the fight won't stop him from doing anything he loves. Later in the statement, he encouraged everyone to support others, stay safe and veer away from "stupid sh*t".

As brave as the man's statement undoubtedly is, this is very sad news. Most cases of Alzheimer’s occur in people aged 65+, although there are instances of early-onset disease. Vampiro, it seems, is unfortunate enough to be one of the latter.

All here at WhatCulture would like to wish him well going forward.

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