Velveteen Dream Wins WWE Worlds Collide Tournament

NXT starlet earns future championship opportunity with victory.

Velveteen Dream Worlds Collide

WWE's 15-man 'Worlds Collide' tournament, combining talent from NXT, 205 Live and NXT UK, came to a close this weekend, and it concluded with a dream finish - quite literally.

NXT prodigy Velveteen Dream beat off Tyler Bate in the final of the competition, guaranteeing himself a shot at an NXT, 205 Live or NXT UK title of his choice in the near future. We'll be damned if he doesn't pick the NXT Championship for TakeOver: New York over WrestleMania weekend.

Dream overcame NXT UK's Jordan Devlin in his semi-final contest, the Irishman much fresher having earned a first-round bye courtesy of the show's opening Battle Royal contest. Meanwhile, an exhausted Bate outbreathed a similarly cream-crackered Adam Cole, hitting him with the Tyler Driver '97 to book his spot in the final.

The closer itself was a superb match, which saw Dream counter Bate's finisher with a sky-high backdrop, before hitting his Purple Rainmaker for the win. The future is indeed bright for the youngster.

Worlds Collide is currently available on the WWE Network, although only a selection of the tournament's fourteen matches are featured.

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