Vince McMahon Says Sorry To UK Fans Over WWE Network Disappointment

Vince seems to indicate a Sky partnership.

Vince McMahon has personally apologised to UK WWE fans. The video statement addressed the last minute decision not to launch the WWE Network in the UK this past Monday. Fans had been eagerly looking forward to the release, which WWE had promoted all weekend. Without reason, the WWE then pulled the launch in the hour before it was due to go live. McMahon has now offered the reason for the delay. "We appreciate your patience as we work through the details of the roll-out and potential partnerships." That's a round-about way of McMahon saying it got delayed due to discussions with Sky. Despite the UK broadcaster denying any involvement, Dave Meltzer of f4wonline is also adamant that the delay was due to Sky. "On behalf of WWE, I want to personally apologise for the delayed launch of WWE Network here in the United Kingdom," McMahon starts, "there's no one more important than each and every one of you in the WWE Universe, especially here in the United Kingdom where we shared so many great memories together." This is an obvious PR work to restore some goodwill with the UK fans. WWE are currently embarking on their United Kingdom tour and they are fearing that there will be vocal protests in arenas. Social media groups are already arranging "Where's our Network" chants for next week's Liverpool TV tapings. "I assure you that we are working day and night to launch WWE Network as quickly as possible and I promise that WWE Network will be well worth your wait. Again, thank you for your understanding." What do you make of McMahon's apology? Do you accept it? Sound off in the comments and tweet us @whatculturewwe
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