Was The Miz Taking Shots At Dean Ambrose On Behalf Of The Front Office?

Someone thinks the Intercontinental Champion is "lazy" and "complacent"

miz maryse dean ambrose

On Monday evening's Raw, the redux of the feud between The Miz and Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose continued with an episode of Miz TV that turned heated. Before things escalated to attempted finishing maneuvers, though, The Miz had some very choice words for Ambrose - words that may have been a pointed message to "The Lunatic Fringe."

At first, Miz simply insulted Ambrose for not "looking" and "acting" like a real WWE superstar, especially compared to him. However, the six-time Intercontinental Champion's dressing down eventually took on an uncharacteristic tone when he started bringing up Ambrose's past achievements. Miz reminded Ambrose and the fans that last year, he was the WWE Champion and the number one overall pick in the WWE draft, but this year, he failed to even make it to WrestleMania's main card. Miz blamed Ambrose's sour fortunes on his being "lazy" and "complacent."

On Wrestling Observer Radio, hosts Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer discussed the verbiage, noting that when insults like those make their way into on-air promos, they're usually meant as very real messages to the talent described. Therefore, it seems that someone (or multiple people) with power in the company view Ambrose as lazy and complacent.

No word on how this will affect his Intercontinental Title run, but don't expect to see him headlining shows again anytime soon.


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