Why AEW’s New Signing Is Controversial (But WILL Get Over)

Freshly-squeezed Jim Cornette bait.

Debra Sable Women's Championship
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On the highest-rated episode of WWE RAW ever—broadcast live on May 10, 1999—the following matches took place, booked by Commissioner Shawn Michaels in a mischievous mood.

The Big Show went to a no-contest with The Undertaker…

…’s manager, Paul Bearer. Show hit an über-crappy big boot and flying elbow, before the inevitable schmozz happened.

Debra defeated Sable, not by pinfall or submission but by virtue of possessing newer, more exciting breasts than her opponent. “With puppies like that,” Michaels said, pointing to Debra’s breasts, “especially ones we haven’t even seen already, I figure the woman who gets her evening gown taken off is the winner.”

The dire, dire Mean Street Posse wrestled the ageing, slapstick Stooges act—and it was genuinely, incredibly entertaining. Gerald Brisco fired up and landed some excellent working punches as the crowd entered meltdown mode. At the finish, the Stooges applied stereo submissions and celebrated their victory to the strains of ‘Real American’. Two old men, two literal idiots, beat up a couple of young, burly dudes. It was preposterous, but awesome.

Again: this was the highest-rated episode of WWE RAW ever. It pulled a monstrous 8.1.

The mainstream height of pro wrestling was loaded with goofy, gimmicky bullsh*t removed entirely from serious, main event business—the same goofy, gimmicky bullsh*t for which AEW is drawing fierce criticism this week.

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