Wrestling's 20 Greatest Moustaches


WWE Mustaches

Moustaches are pretty much pro-wrestlers in microcosm. They come in all shapes and sizes, but generally - and for one promoter in particular - the bigger and shinier they are, the better.

The wrestling industry has been covered with mouth-fur since time immemorial, with many of its most popular stars openly defying the term 'babyface'. The business can boast a slew of crinigerous champions, as hirsute heroes from Hulk Hogan and Harley Race to Cody Rhodes and Tyler Bate all hoisted gold above their heads with a lip doily was firmly anchored below.

For others proudly pilose beneath the nose such as Jake Roberts and Magnum T.A., major titles were just a whisker away. But what they lacked in a belt around their waist they made up for with felt across their face.

Which bone-bender boasts the best bristle baton? It's hairy business, sifting through the squared-circle's most spectacular soup-strainers, but we've managed it. Here's how wrestling's premier razor-evaders measure up on the manometer.

(Note: the definition of 'moustache' was applied very strictly here. Beard wearers will have to wait for their moment in the sun.)

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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