Wrestling Items Found In Prince's Secret Vault?

Nothing Prince Iaukea related fortunately.

Prince Purple Rain
Warner Bros. Pictures

When Prince died on April 21st, the professional wrestling world was fairly unmoved. With the deaths of Balls Mahoney and Chyna coming around the same time, the passing of a musician, no matter how famous or beloved, wasn't going to get much in the way of traction, even if it was the man known as Prince.

The little purple mad man's secret vaults have since been opened, and pro wrestling fans may now have a reason to prick their ears.

It is being reported that several wrestling-related items were found in the vault, and of course the list reads every bit as mental as one would expect from Prince.

Bizarrely, one of the items discovered is a Morris Day-narrated documentary on WWE Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware of all people. Whether it covered Koko's destruction of The Patriot is yet to be clarified.

Two other discovered items carried the titles 'Bockwinkel' and 'The Undertaker'. The first was conceivably named after Nick Bockwinkel, and is described as a hard rock project put together with Bob Mould, who once worked as a writer for WCW.

The second? Well, that's named after The Undertaker, obviously. Unfortunately, it has been described as a 'frequently bootlegged live-in-the-studio performance'. Was that studio actually a Funeral Parlour? Probably not.

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