There are some of us that have been watching WWE programming for many years. Regardless of whether there has been a break in your viewer ship you know what you like and what the so-called ”norm” is. WWE TV is a much different beast to what it used to be. Of course the main premise of each episode of either RAW or Smackdown! is still big, muscled men throwing each other about a ring because they don’t like each other for a reason explained in a dramatic sort of way, but things have most definitely changed.

Most all of the changes are due to the advancement in technology and how the population of the world reacts and digests what they choose to watch and enjoy. In fact most of the changes we see nowadays on WWE are changes made throughout each television network’s respective shows. Other changes have been made to try and advance the look and feel of the show itself. Both points I will try and highlight and explain why I believe they are bad ideas, not necessarily for the big dollars but for the immersion of the show itself.

So, following is a list of little things that get my gears ground in a subtle way on WWE programming. Ones in which have been fairly recent changes over the past few years, but ones in which I still have to take the time to comment about each time I see / hear them to the absolute annoyance of my fiancé quietly cursing my nit picking. Nit picking that most likely takes away from her enjoying the big men throwing each other about but with added spandex.

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This article was first posted on October 13, 2012